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Q: How does the REKA Health E100 cardiac event monitor work?
A : The E100 is a patient activated, non-continuous, 30-second cardiac event monitor. When a patient is feeling symptomatic (palpitations, chest pains, shortness of breath), they can take a reading by pressing the On button then placing their thumbs on the integrated electrodes or by using traditional electrodes. Once the reading or readings are captured on the device, the patient can upload them via a smart device or their home computer to our cloud service where their physician can log on and review them remotely.

Q: What if the patient doesn’t own a computer or smart device?
A : The E100 can be returned to the clinic and the physician can download the trace information.

Q: Is the REKA Health E100 a 12-lead ECG machine?
A : The E100 is a single lead monitor that is used as a rule in/rule out device for screening patients that complain of transient cardiac symptoms.

Q: Is a prescription needed for the device?
A : Yes, the E100 is an FDA Class II device that requires a doctor to write a prescription.

Q: Will insurance pay for the device?
A : The REKA Health E100 is covered by most insurance. Contact the insurance company for details.

Q: Does the REKA Health E100 provide diagnosis?
A : No, a trained professional is required to review the ECG recordings and make a diagnosis. This device is for capturing the trace, so that a physician or technician can later review it and provide the necessary care options for the patient.

Q: What devices are the E100 compatible with?
A : It works with home computers with a USB port, as well as, a number of Android and iOS smart devices.

Q: Is the REKA Health cloud HIPAA Compliant?
A : The REKA Health cloud is HIPAA compliant including the new standards, the Omnibus Rule, released in 2013.

Q: How can a quality ECG measurement be taken with the E100?
A : If case of a noisy ECG measurement, follow these suggestions:
       • Clean integrated electrodes with a soft cloth
       • Dampen fingers for increased conductivity
       • Place thumbs gently on the integrated electrodes
       • Keep feet flat on the floor and rest the arms on the lap or upper thighs
       • Do not move or talk while taking a measurement      

If a noisy trace is still received, please try a measurement with the ECG cable and electrodes provided. This type of hook up is referred to as Lead II.