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REKA E100L Overview

precautions icon E100L is currently a CE approved but not a FDA cleared product and is not yet available for commercial use in some countries.

The E100L is a portable cardiac event monitor with the ability to support two modes of monitoring – event and loop monitoring. With its compact and lightweight design, patients can conveniently record their ECGs on the go and undergo long-term remote monitoring by their healthcare providers, while maintaining minimal disruption to their everyday lives.

Patients can use the E100L for event monitoring by recording their ECG readings whenever they experience cardiac symptoms such as palpitations or chest pains. To obtain a reading, they simply need to press the start button, place their thumbs on the E100L’s built-in sensors and the device will automatically record a single-channel 30 seconds ECG reading.

The E100L can also perform a single channel continuous loop monitoring of up to 30 days with the ability to automatically detect asymptomatic arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia and cardiac pause. When the patient experiences an irregular heartbeat, the device will automatically record the pre and post event ECG reading. The pre and post event duration (from 30 sec. to 150 sec., in step of 15 sec.) can be configured using REKA Health’s software application.

Using either REKA Health’s mobile apps or application software (available for both Windows® and Mac®), patients can then effortlessly upload their ECG data to REKA Cloud without any need for manual data entry. At the same time, doctors can log in to the portal to review the data and monitor their patients’ conditions easily, regardless of where they are located.