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Home ECG E100 E100 Overview


REKA E100 is a single channel cardiac event monitor designed for home and self-care purposes. It offers high consumer usability while fulfilling all necessary medical regulatory requirements, including FDA and CE certifications.

REKA E100 is ideal for screening patients who present with transient cardiac symptoms for early-stage arrhythmia. It is pocket-sized to provide users with full portability and the convenience of recording their own ECG at any time and any place. Users can proactively administer self-care measures when necessary, while maintaining their personal health data accurately and efficiently.

REKA E100 boasts a user-friendly interface and is able to capture error-resistant single channel ECG readings with minimal effort on the part of a user. This innovative device provides two ways to measure an ECG reading, for most users a reading can be captured by placing their thumbs on REKA E100's integrated platinum electrodes, otherwise standard electrodes are provided.

At the users' convenience, REKA E100 can be used to instantly obtain an accurate 30-second ECG record, which is then uploaded to REKA Cloud platform via its proprietary computer or mobile applications.  The physician or cardiologist of a user can review the record and offer feedback instantly, thus facilitating communication and extending the user/physician relationship beyond the clinical setting.


Home ECG E100 E100 Overview