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precautions icon P800 is currently not a FDA cleared nor a CE approved product and is not yet available for commercial use in some countries.

The P800 is a portable blood pressure monitor that enables patients to take fast and accurate blood pressure readings at their own convenience. Patients can easily monitor their blood pressure as well as upload their records to REKA Cloud for remote reviewing by their healthcare provider. With its innovative “personalisation” function, the P800 is able to deliver blood pressure readings with greater accuracy than other conventional home-based blood pressure monitors in the market. 

Conventional blood pressure monitors employ the oscillometric method, which is suited for home-based monitoring as patients can take their own readings without any assistance. This is in contrast to the auscultatory method, which, although regarded as the “gold standard” for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, is difficult to administer and needs to be carried out by a trained medical professional due to the greater skill and precision required. 

However, the oscillometric method is prone to inaccuracies that do not exist for the auscultatory method.  The oscillometric method involves the use of a numerical threshold to calculate an individual’s blood pressure and conventional monitors are usually limited to using the same thresholds across the board for different individuals. This could cause inaccuracies in the results as compared to using the auscultatory method, which may in turn lead to the erroneous diagnosis and treatment of the patient. 

The P800 achieves a breakthrough by empowering patients for easy self-monitoring of their blood pressure while delivering the same level of accuracy as the auscultatory method. With the “personalisation” function, a physician can perform a simple one-time calibration to set individual threshold values for each user based on the auscultatory method. Subsequent measurements will then be determined by the personalised settings for each individual user, which enhances the accuracy significantly. 

Up to 50 user profiles can be created and stored on the P800, each with their own personalised settings. For error-free user authentication, the device comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor to identify each user before starting the measurement process. This safeguards the accuracy of each user’s data and also offers greater convenience as compared to standard password-based authentication methods. Patients can also set alarms using the P800’s reminder function to prompt them to take their blood pressure measurements. 

The P800 comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so the patient’s data will be automatically uploaded to REKA Cloud after a reading is taken. Physicians can then remotely review the data on REKA Cloud for convenient monitoring of their patients’ conditions.