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The REKA App works hand in hand with REKA Health’s portable medical devices for effortless recording and uploading of patients’ medical data on the go. Armed with the app, patients can conveniently use their smartphones or computers to transfer their data to REKA Cloud, giving their physicians easy remote access to their most updated health records.

For instance, patients experiencing symptoms of arrhythmia can make use of REKA Health’s E100 cardiac event monitor torecord an ECG reading. They then simply need to connect the E100 to their smartphones or computers with the REKA app installed. The app will automatically detect the device and transfer the stored data to REKA Cloud in a matter of minutes.

Once the transfer is completed, an alert will be sent to the registered physician, who can then review the data for any cardiac irregularities and provide feedback. Patients will enjoy greater peace of mind as they have the assurance that they can capture any cardiac events as and when they occur and send the records to their physician for immediate evaluation.

All patient data stored on REKA Cloud is HIPAA compliant and securely protected by password. In addition, the data is transferred without any need for manual entry, thus eliminating the risk of human error.

If users experience problems at any time while using the app, they can refer to the user manual in the Help function or send an email to REKA Health’s technical support team with the application log and debug log attached.

The REKA App is available on WindowsTM, Mac®, AndroidTM OS and iOS®.